Applications of Earth Observation for Human Rights and Development

11:00 - 11:45

Ignite Presentations from

Jeremy Hale - Amit Kapadia - Ian Schuler

This series will discuss real world applications of earth observation technology for international development:

Jeremy Hale will kick off the series discussing the solar powered High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) program. He will highlight what HAPS means for a larger trend of remote sensing advancements and how it will impact accessibility and affordability of remote sensing data for international development.

Amit Kapadia will talk about discuss why accessible and open imagery is key to empowering the global development community with the data and tools they need to combat issues like climate change, deforestation, and food security. He will also touch upon Planet Labs’ recent work with the United Nations and donation of imagery towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

Ian Schuler will talk about why open source tools for processing and distributing imagery matter. He will highlight how OpenAerialMap has been used for searching for and circulating drone imagery for use in the development industry.